An excellent word: ?Fish Spa?, a hottest business of the moment. Just only a good location, much more income can be simply obtained.

?Bangkok Dr. Fish Spa 99? has been expanding its businesses through franchising provided with the Fish Spa complex design services.

Health business is one of the highly popular trends as most of the people are now taking better care of themselves, thus Thai Massage & Spa have founded plentifully and grew up longer for many years, but the most popular and attractive firm at this time is ?Fish Spa?. With its brand new and strange services are much preferred by adults and children, that?s why it gets a lot of good feedback.

In view of the business owners could have proved in the worthy investment by none of the complicated managing administration similar to the other ordinary massage & spa, but they can all profit the same. Consequently, Fish Spa business is also able to be one of the best alternatives of investment opportunity in the present day.

By the way, all investors must substantially learn more and more from the experts rather than without, in order to prevent against the benefit ruined and lost.

For this reason, the Fish Spa brand expert has directly been given to ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99?, which originally established Fish Spa in Thailand and today there have been more than 140 franchises over country including in 10 exotic countries, such as Germany, Sweden, Bali, U.S.A., Japan, etc. What they?re doing now is a very good job!!!

More than 8 years experience in Fish Spa

Although ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99? has just opened for 4 years only, in fact, based on being familiar with this field such a long time because Khun Chaiporn Lochaya or ?Khun Oak?, the brand owner of ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99?, after he graduated in Bachelor?s degree from Ratchamongkol university of Technology in Marine Science major, and Master?s degree in Biology from Ramkhamhaeng University, he had launched import-export of ornamental fish and had also bred lots of fish species for using in Fish Spa duly dispatched to abroad with more than 8 years experienced.

But, it didn?t have much reputation in that period of time until last 4 years ago when he had a chance to help his comrade to set the Fish Spa?s structural system, then his vision of the business emerged, thereafter he made a decision to launch this business named ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99?.

?Fish Spa keeps being prosperous increasingly by the success of our all franchises with more than140 branches over country, so we can see that the important thing for business establishment is only to have the good location. Anyway, our company have provided well-consult and useful advice by choosing location as priority for figuring out how to gain much income and training how to manage better and high quality services in every step?, said Khun Oak.

He also said that the service model tends to be used with fish in spa (Fish Treatment) according to the standard of Health Business Promotion Office, Thai Ministry of Public Health's Department of Health Service Support as completely performance.

Besides, the distinctive strengths (SWOT analysis) from the other facilitators is to especially have his own fish farm breeding many fish species used in Fish Spa and he can provide customers a new set of it exchange for free when it is 5 years completely. There are the uninterruptible power system (UPS) arrangement with all in 12 hours for black out protection and UV. Germicidal Lamp for disinfection, therefore it is the way that customers can be really trustworthy.

So as to Khun Oak revealed that franchising business model is available, otherwise service designs, Fish Spa systems are also equipped. For the people who have very good location and required to make the business dreams a reality, but capital funds may become a problem, but it is no matter, just come to talk first.

The conclusion of service model of ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99? for easy understanding thus;

1) To service about the setting of Fish Spa?s structural systems everywhere, including the distribution of much fish using in Fish Spa which customers are able to build up their own brand new without any obligation.

2) Customers have good location, but have not funds for investment. That is no problem, our company have prepared for them and all we can collaborate and work closely together.

3) People who don?t have any location, but we have given them the aid. Fish Spa setup from our empty space in only one day.

4) Customers have good location, but have not funds for investment, so our company can provide all and let them manage everything by themselves.
5) Event Setup Services.

6) Adopting in domestic & international franchises.

The Franchising Business Model

For those investors who have wanted to initiate the business through franchising, Khun Oak emphasized that ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99? has not collected the franchising costs and there is no any obligation at all. Nowadays, the investment has been separated into 3 models in order to be correspondence with investors? need differently as follows;

- Model 1: Small sized-area, investment and operating costs from THB 40,000?50,000, around 2x2 meters over suits for available location to enhance the current business, such as Hair Salon, Car Care center, etc. The funds can be reversed around 3-4 months at the average.

- Model 2: Medium sized-area, the investment from THB 80,000-170,000 which is appropriate for sized-area around 2x3 meters over. It can support clients on average about 6-8 seats. The good location for investment is indoor of shopping mall, superstore or modern trade, e.g., Tesco Lotus,

- Big C or other tourist attractions, we can coordinate with those ideal branches for surveying if anyone is interested in.

- Model 3: Large sized-area, investment costs beginning from THB 200,000-300,000 which supports 12 seats, fitting locations are just about any tourist attractions and big crowded cities, such as Khao Sarn Road, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Phuket, etc.

If you are interested in making the business with ?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa99?, please contact: Khun Chaiporn Lochaya, position: Business Owner. Address: 236/184 Sahakorn Kruthai village, Songprapa Rd., Sikun, Donmuang, Bangkok 10210 Tel: 081-684-6518, 084-744-4590, 082-324-8999 Fax: 02-565-1351

?Bangkok Doctor Fish Spa 99? knows real about Fish Spa because of the first pioneer!!!

? Fish Spa can give the large sums of money, and funds revert within 2-4 months.

? Professional Business Administration system provided with the beneficial consult and training.

? Credit services for everyone who is interested in, but they only have small funds.

? To help seeking for the best location.

? No franchising cost, no any obligation and must not pay for monthly and annual expenses.

? The standard of Health Relaxing Service used with fish (Fish Treatment) followed The Health Business Promotion Office, Thai Ministry of Public Health's Department of Health Service Support.